Prize Lists Posted!

Photogaphy by Kurt Griffith

The Art & Experiences Prize lists are finally posted!

We have everything photographed for the program and event, gotten the program off to press, (first things first, folks!) and have (finally) posted the full lists here. Sorry that it took so long, but with the time our volunteers have, we have to do the most urgent stuff first! With about a thousand other tasks out of the way, (and another five hundred between now and the party!), we have been able to post the full Art & Experience prize lists.

The work that has been donated is really beautiful and fabulous and a tribute to all our A&E Artists,  and we’re all really excited about bringing it to you.
We want to extend a special thanks for the generosity and creativity of our contributing artists, local area Businesses, Supporters, Sponsors and Patrons.

So check out the Grand Prize, “High Roller’ Prizes, Art & Experiences Raffle and the The Fabulous Wheel Prizes.

That’s it! The bash is tomorrow night! See you in the Casino!

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