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Art & Elegance 2021

The Show Must Go On – “Encore”

Dear Friends of the Arts,

Last year amid the pandemic we declared “The Show Must Go On!” and invited you to join us with your support as we came to the end of what promised to be one of the most unusual years that any of us could recall. And you did, to the tune of just over $28,000. Then came this year.

Once again, we find ourselves unable to assemble for an elegant evening of art, dining, and fun safely and comfortably. So here we are, asking for your support as we try to stay safe and support our vital mission. And this year it is with a very specific goal: to pay for the Ice House sprinkler system and structural repairs that are nearly complete. While most of this $400,000 project has been financially covered through the generous support of our friends such as you and matching grants, as things go with many construction projects, we’re going to come up a little short.  This means we’ll either have to incur debt or cut back on programming, neither of which will be necessary if we meet our goal with this year’s A&E campaign.

We know we are asking you to again rise to the occasion in unusual circumstances, but as you know our work and our facility are vital to this community in serving as a major tourism draw and community center, through our teaching art in Morgan County schools, and our role in providing an outlet for over thirty local artists to support their work.  And we’re proud to say that after all the experiences of the past two years, we’re still here meeting our mission of “Getting Art Out There!”

Based on the continuous amazing support of people like you, we believe in the art of the possible and we’re again asking you to join us. Your contributions will also provide you with some fun and unique MAC gifts. We’ll miss our time together, but we can be together in the spirit of supporting something we all truly believe in.


Meghan Bauman
Chair, Art & Elegance Committee

Thom Rubel
Executive Director

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Our Fabulous Sponsors

Art & Elegance 2020 Sponsors

The show must go on! Your pledges are more important to us than ever. Last year over ninety organizations and individuals become ART & ELEGANCE Sponsors, Partners, and guests, helping us raise a net amount over $33,000. With your help, we can continue our work during this challenging time.


Norberta Schoene & Bill Lands


Judy & JC Fisher
Diane & John Peterson
Gareth & Gale Foulds


Karen & Pete Brown
LeeAnn & Donald Brannon
Clark’s Home Furnishings
Thom Rubel & Paul Salinas
Paul Smith & Michael Dennis
Jan Weinberg
John Coventry

Our Supporters…

Dale Kirchner
Stan Oaks
Ed & Donna Bender
Mark Roush & Dave Banick
Jennifer Hughes
Atasia Spa
Luke Christie Agency
Helen Hurlocker
Bibi & Matt Hahn
Dr. & Mrs. Yener Erozan
Lee Badger & Steve Dykstra
Bob & Pat Marggraf
Jane & Ford Davis
Cindy Bodin
Jeuli Bartenstein & Mike Carleton
Susan & Gat Caperton
Meghan Bauman


Dr. & Mrs. Tom Leslie
Martha Volner

Thank you! – Your generosity helps us get the art out there!

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