So… What Happened?

Kurt in splnit after augery.The Art Guy in his splint over the winter. One-handed typing stinks!

Some of you good folk out there may have been wondering why the site hasn’t updated for a while.

Yours truly, A&E’s tame In-House Graphic and Web Designer managed to fairly seriously injure myself a mere two weeks after Art & Elegance back in November. I stabbed myself in the right palm attempting to unjam a paper shredder. Yes, I know. Dumb as a bag of hammers. I’m glad I’m left-handed, but it was serious enough to require tendon repair surgery. After six weeks in an immobilization splint, came out months behind on a pile of work.. And yes, including the actual keep-the-lights on work of the Studio. Doing better now and catching up, though probably going to need another procedure. But I am well enough and caught enough to get back to giving A&E some love.

But that’s what went down, and we’ll be moving stuff forward again.




Prize Lists Posted!

Photogaphy by Kurt Griffith

The Art & Experiences Prize lists are finally posted!

We have everything photographed for the program and event, gotten the program off to press, (first things first, folks!) and have (finally) posted the full lists here. Sorry that it took so long, but with the time our volunteers have, we have to do the most urgent stuff first! With about a thousand other tasks out of the way, (and another five hundred between now and the party!), we have been able to post the full Art & Experience prize lists.

The work that has been donated is really beautiful and fabulous and a tribute to all our A&E Artists,  and we’re all really excited about bringing it to you.
We want to extend a special thanks for the generosity and creativity of our contributing artists, local area Businesses, Supporters, Sponsors and Patrons.

So check out the Grand Prize, “High Roller’ Prizes, Art & Experiences Raffle and the The Fabulous Wheel Prizes.

That’s it! The bash is tomorrow night! See you in the Casino!

Counting Down!

Mt Royal Rocker by Gat Creek
Mt Royal Rocker by Gat Creek

If you’re wondering after updates, we’ve been really busy actually getting the event ready to roll. We’ve organized the Casino, making sure the food is excellent, putting together the prizes for The Fabulous Wheel, and the thousand and one details to make the event fabulous.

Our captive designer and webmaster has been busy laying out the program and we just got them they look fabulous. Big kudos to the Morgan Messenger and Todd Buzzerd, who always comes through for us. He’s also been doing signage and graphics, including the prize inserts for the Wheel. So that’s why we don’t have all the prizes posted yet. We’re workin’ on it, promise! We have another beautiful Mt. Royal Rocker from Gat Creek as our Grand Prize, seven fantastic “High Roller” prizes, another 20 brilliant Raffle prizes, and in addition over a hundred prizes for the Fabulous Wheel. Each spin of the wheel awards a prize, so such a deal!

We’re going to try to have all the major prizes posted before the event!

We’re also very nearly sold out! So if you want to attend the event, contact us now and ask really nice!

See you in the Casino!

Sponsorships & Art Coming in!

Things are well underway for Art & Elegance 2016!  Menu selected, decor designed, invitations sent and art, experiences and sponsorships solicited.

Sponsors have begun to come on board with generous contributions… Norberta Schoene and Bill Lands, The Country Inn, Bob and Pat Marggraf, and Pete and Karen Brown. Should you like to join them in support of MAC, contact us and we’ll provide details. Not only will your gift help fund the arts in our community, but also will allow you to host a few friends for an evening of dancing, dinner, and excellent music with the Flashbacks.  If Lady Luck is with you, exceptional art and enticing experiences could be yours!

Guests will have the opportunity to win items donated by creative local artists.  To name a few: Lynn Lavin, Jane Frenke, Kim Potter, Gat Caperton, and Jan Heath. We’ll update as more artists commit to the event.  Photos of the items will be available in the coming weeks, so check back with us.

– Marla Carr, A&E Comittee

And We’re Off!

Art & Elegance 2016 - CASINO ROYALE

As of last week, we have set out our Artist’s and Sponsor Appeal Letters, and most recently our invitations to Art & Elegance 2016 have gone out. Have you gotten yours yet? No matter! If you want to attend, just contact us and we’ll take care of you!

The committee is busy pulling the event together and making it as fabulous as ever. Our designer is putting together a wonderful poster and you should start seeing them turning up around town soon!


It’s that time of year again

Hello Hello!

It’s that time of year again! So we’re ramping up to put together this years Art & Elegance 2016 – Casino Royale.

Stay tuned to this site as we announce all our wonderful plans.

Much of the success of Art & Elegance has come from the generosity of our wonderful sponsors. If you’d like to sponsor A&E this year, please Contact Us.

In addition to our our fabulous Art Prizes, our local businesses always come through with wonderful Experience Prizes every year. If you’re a local area business and have something you would think would be an engaging prize, please Contact Us.

Artists letters have already gone out to our list, but if you are a local area or regional artist and would like to contribute an Art Prize to this years event, we’d LOVE to hear from you. So feel free to Contact Us and give us an idea of what you’d like to contribute. Please bear in mind that prizes are subject to committee review and not every contribution is used.

More to Come!

[Updated for clarity & detail, 18 September 2016]

– Kurt Griffith, Webmaster