2016 Prizes

We’ve gathered up fabulous donations of Artwork and Experiences for all our prize levels, the Grand Prize, “High Roller’ Prizes, Art & Experiences Raffle and the The Fabulous Wheel Prizes. We finally have everything photographed for the program and event, gotten said program off to press, (first things first, folks!) and have posted the full lists here.

This is just a taste of the wonderful stuff we’ve received. The work that has been donated is really beautiful and fabulous and a tribute to all our A&E Artists,  and we’re all really excited about bringing it to you. We have now posted out full prize lists of our Art & Experience prices. We want to extend a special thanks for the generosity and creativity of our contributing artists, local area Businesses, Supporters, Sponsors and Patrons.

Grand Prize | “High Roller’ Prizes | Art & Experiences Raffle | The Fabulous Wheel Prizes