Counting Down!

Mt Royal Rocker by Gat Creek
Mt Royal Rocker by Gat Creek

If you’re wondering after updates, we’ve been really busy actually getting the event ready to roll. We’ve organized the Casino, making sure the food is excellent, putting together the prizes for The Fabulous Wheel, and the thousand and one details to make the event fabulous.

Our captive designer and webmaster has been busy laying out the program and we just got them they look fabulous. Big kudos to the Morgan Messenger and Todd Buzzerd, who always comes through for us. He’s also been doing signage and graphics, including the prize inserts for the Wheel. So that’s why we don’t have all the prizes posted yet. We’re workin’ on it, promise! We have another beautiful Mt. Royal Rocker from Gat Creek as our Grand Prize, seven fantastic “High Roller” prizes, another 20 brilliant Raffle prizes, and in addition over a hundred prizes for the Fabulous Wheel. Each spin of the wheel awards a prize, so such a deal!

We’re going to try to have all the major prizes posted before the event!

We’re also very nearly sold out! So if you want to attend the event, contact us now and ask really nice!

See you in the Casino!

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