2019 Raffles, “Rabbits” & Prizes


Premier Raffle

Take a look at our selection of Premier Raffle Items on The A&E program pages 10 to 12 ( see below) and purchase as many raffle tickets as you like from our volunteers for your chance to win one (or more) of these ten outstanding Art & Experiences Raffle items. Please be sure to write your name on the reverse of each ticket and drop them into the hats at the raffle table for the desired prize – or prizes!
Raffle Tickets: 1 – $5, 5 – $20, 25 – $100

“Rabbit Out of a Hat” Prizes!

Buy a ticket, reach into the hat, and collect the art or experience prize inside! Guaranteed value of $25 or greater. – Tickets $20

View our Raffle and “Rabbit of of a Hat” prizes in this Online Preview of the 2019 Art & Elegance Program.