Pulling the Catalog Together

Building the AE 2018 Program Screen shot
Screen shot of the AE 2018 Program in progress in Adobe Indesign.

One of the high points of the event, and often a treasured keepsake is the Art and Elegance Event Program. The central feature of the program is the Raffle, Auction and Prize catalog – featuring all of the amazing Artwork and fabulous Experience Prizes donated by regional artists and local businesses.

Tired A&E Committee hard at work.
A tired A&E Committee – hard at work.

We’ve just finished cataloging the haul, and finished Art and Prize photography this past Thursday, and the committee took on the finicky work of assigning Art and Prizes to the Raffle, Silent Auction and our “Pop” Art Balloon Prizes. Captive graphic designer (and webmaster) Kurt Griffith has been squirreling away over the weekend putting the Program and Catalog together to get it to press in time for the event on Saturday. Adobe Indesign – a truly professional tool – makes it easier to pull together, but there are 1001 details to hunt down, verify, and proof, but it’s almost ready to go. We also have to compose ads, touch-up lists, gather acknowledgements, and all the things. By necessity, this publication has to be pulled together at nearly the last possible second to get everything in.

But the hard work and hustling has paid off brilliantly. This year we have an amazing “surprise” painting by Featured Artist Jonathan Heath for the live auction that we’re sure will surprise, delight, and even startle some of our patrons, and three very awesome Prime Raffle Items, incluing a delicious print of our stunning 2018 signature image. We have an additional 66 Items available in the Silent Auction, and still another 52 “Pop” Art Balloon Prizes. So we’re looking forward to a fun night of getting a lot of art out there!

Once we get the Program out to press, and working around Kurt’s actual day job of being a Professional Designer, we’ll try to get the Catalog of Art and Prizes posted online here!


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