Meet Michael Cantori, Master Illusionist

Michael Cantori, Master Illusionist

Michael will be our Featured Performer at Art & Elegance 2019

Michael will also be providing a Matinee Performance at the Star Theatre, 2PM, Saturday November 9th.

Michael Cantori spent his formative years in both our nation’s capital and in Europe, with an exorbitant amount of time sequestered in his father’s subterranean workshop, “Dunninger’s Encyclopedia of Magic” in hand. He went on to receive a degree in engineering, while excelling in the martial arts as both a competitor and instructor. He quickly gave up a traditional career path for the art of mystification and prestidigitation while concurrently managing numerous small businesses within the arts, as well as teaching self-defense for various institutions.

In addition to being a full-time performer, Cantori has taught graduate level classes in magic and awareness at the University of Maryland, has read the fortunes of congressmen, senators, and rock stars, and finds the time to design & craft magical apparatus, which he has supplied to some of the finest illusionists in the world.
He continually challenges himself within the magical arts, ever searching for the best routines, insights, and mysteries to share with his audience. Thus, he is an avid historian, author and scholar of theatrical magic, science, health, and mysticism, extending great homage to past masters such as Alexander Herrmann, Karl Germain, Nate Leipzig, Anna Eva Fay, Alexander (the man who knows), Nicola Tesla, and … well, the list is quite grand.

Michael Cantori, Master Illusionist | | 410-961-5903

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We’re up to something…

…something Magical.

Save the Date! November 9, 2019.

We’re up to something… Magical. Please join us for MAC’s Premier Fundrasing event. We’re changing some things up. We’re planning… transformations to surprise and delight our guests. We’ll have more to share here and on facebook as things come together.

One change right away is that we’re changing the phone number for tickets to the Ice House number at 340 258-2300. Make it Ring!

This year’s Art & Elegance will feature a Magical Theme – so be prepared for prestidigitation, illusion, legerdemain, and even a little transformation and enchantment. The evening’s entertainments will be featuring a magical performance by Michael Cantori one of the region’s premier illusionists, whose wondrous entertainment astounds and amuses all ages.  Highly-skilled, personable and unique, his repertoire includes an audience-interactive blend of visual magic, superb sleight-of-hand, mental mysteries, magical lore, and a quick wit.  He’s entertained congressmen, senators, generals, rock stars and royalty, and has been featured in media such as The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Fox News, and The Washington Post. 

More to come! Stay tuned!

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