Jewell Ball Video

Check out the 2017 festivities at the Morgan Arts Council’s annual Art & Elegance fundraiser, The Jewell Ball – featuring the auctioning of a fabulous Ruby Necklace by local artist Abby Porter, fetchingly showcased by Middle Eastern Dancer Jensuya. November 11, 2018. Robert and Jenifer Peak created a fabulous video of the Extravaganza.

If you weren’t there, check out what you’re missing!

Video produced by Robert Peak –

A Marvelous Event!

It’s the night after 2017’s Art & Elegance, and I’d like to share with you a few first impressions from A&E Committee Co-Chair Karen Brown.

What a great event!

Thank you all so much for all the hard work you did, and for helping to make the evening not only beautiful with outstanding and glamorous decor but also a resounding success with the fund raising efforts!

We had a sold out house, with over 100 guests, and good support from sponsorships. A huge success by any measure! The contributing artists should be very proud that their donations of original art raised a record breaking amount in support of the Ice House.

All of our wonderful volunteers helped to bring our vision to fruition, and we couldn’t have done it without their generous support – please make sure to thank them personally when you see them!

We have one more party to pull off on December 1 (all our contributing artists stay tuned!) – I hope to see you all there, where we can raise a toast to the success of our efforts. I have included a nice comment from the former A & E chair, Bob Margraff, below.

Thank you, thank you, thank you – fabulous work!! It is amazing what we can do when we pool our energies toward a common goal!


“Absolutely wonderful event. Please express our thanks to all involved. You continue to raise the bar on a great annual event.”

Bob & Pat Marggraf

A huge Thank You goes out to our Artists, Sponsors, Guests, Performers, Volunteers and the A&E Committee for making the night a success! We are mighty!

More to come!


Home Stretch!

This will be our last news post before the actual event, yes, tomorrow. So a flurry of activity to get everything ready for tomorrow night’s festivities. So here’s a little look “backstage” at what it takes to get an event as complex as Art & Elegance together. Two days out and we’re busy preparing decorations, seating, gathering the prizes and artwork, coordinating with the Country Inn, prepping the program and updating this website.  The thousand and One things that will make a fabulous event! And of course – what will we wear???

Have a last look at out Auction and Raffle artwork and prizes – and we have some surprises for you too!

We hope to have an update right after the event – and we expect to have some fun stuff that we’re putting together to share with you all. That’s all for now, have to nick off and help out with the preparations.

See you Saturday!

Images: Top–What it takes to keeping the… ideas… flowing. Center Left–putting together last items. Center Right–the Committee pulls together all the final details. Bottom–Our captive designer (that would be me) working on the Web Site and Program. Click any image to make biggy!.

Cataloging the Art

Phtotographing the A&E 2017 Artwork

We’ve just had our 2nd Photo Shoot to get the last of our amazing donated artwork and prizes photographed and cataloged to be raffled and auctioned at At & Elegance 2017 and included in the official Program. This is a caffeine intensive process! We’ve been receiving some amazing pieces, art, photography, jewelery, sculpture, crafts, wearables, and donations of amazing prizes and experiences form your local businesses and sponsors. We’re working to have the entire catalog available for viewing here on the website, and we’re processing the pics now. More to come!

There are still tickets available, but you better move fast, we’re only three weeks out!

Sponsors & Artists

We’ve just posted the 2017 Sponsorship Levels – at naturally, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire, and a Paton level for modest Contributors. Our Sponsors add immensely to the success of Art and Elegance, year after year with your deeply appreciated generosity. Visit the Sponsorship Page for more information about the various levels. Feel free to Contact Us if you’re interested in being a A&E Sponsor. Local business also donate Experiences, goods and services that brighten up our contests and prizes, and show off many of our local attractions.

We have also reached out to our local and regional Artist Community with our annual appeal for donations of marvelous artwork for our contents. It’s the generous donations of marvelous artwork by artists at all levels and every medium that puts the ART in Art & Elegance. So if you’re an artist and would like to contribute something, please check out the Artist’s page.


Proper Date Posted!

November 11, 2017 - Opps!!!
Yeah, we forgot to update the date! My bad. – webmaster

Art & Elegance is typically held the first Saturday Evening in November. However, we had better availability for our venue, The Country Inn, on the 11th. So be it. However, yours truly, your friendly neighborhood webweaver neglected to update the site until this morning.

Very sorry about that!

In the meantime, we’re putting together plans for this years events and what shape our Art offerings will take. But we’ll be happily celebrating our 40th year of the Morgan Arts Council. Stay tuned – as soon as we start getting things nailed down we’ll get the info up!

So… What Happened?

Kurt in splnit after augery.The Art Guy in his splint over the winter. One-handed typing stinks!

Some of you good folk out there may have been wondering why the site hasn’t updated for a while.

Yours truly, A&E’s tame In-House Graphic and Web Designer managed to fairly seriously injure myself a mere two weeks after Art & Elegance back in November. I stabbed myself in the right palm attempting to unjam a paper shredder. Yes, I know. Dumb as a bag of hammers. I’m glad I’m left-handed, but it was serious enough to require tendon repair surgery. After six weeks in an immobilization splint, came out months behind on a pile of work.. And yes, including the actual keep-the-lights on work of the Studio. Doing better now and catching up, though probably going to need another procedure. But I am well enough and caught enough to get back to giving A&E some love.

But that’s what went down, and we’ll be moving stuff forward again.