…at the Capon, Caponcabana

66. Robert Carrell   Bamboo Pottery Bowl   Stoneware   Washington, DC   304-258-6822
66. Robert Carrell
  Bamboo Pottery Bowl

Hello everyone!

I’ve asked event co-Chair Bob Marggraff to write a more formal wrap-up for the event. But I’d like to say that the event looks like it was a great success. My wife and I had a lot of fun and she really adores the ceramic bowl she received in the Tombola, which was emcee’d with considerable energy and elan by Dr. Matt Hahn. Everyone looked wonderful and seemed to have a great time with the art, the food and the music.

I also want to say a very appreciative thank you for all the positive reviews and expressions of gratitude for the website and program and other graphic efforts. It was my pleasure to help lend my skills to our new home and it’s wonderful creative community.

Kurt E. Griffith, FRS
Webmaster & Graphic Designer

The Art & Elegance Website


Welcome to the web site for the Morgan Arts Council Signature Fund-Raising Event, Art & Elegance.  We’ll be adding content as the event comes closer and more and more of the events features are ready to be unveiled. We’ll have information about the Tombola, with featured artists, news about our entertainment, and other surprises.

For Reservations and Sponsorships please call Jan at 304-258-0781

More to come. Mark your Calendars!

– Kurt Griffith, Webmaster