Home Stretch!

This will be our last news post before the actual event, yes, tomorrow. So a flurry of activity to get everything ready for tomorrow night’s festivities. So here’s a little look “backstage” at what it takes to get an event as complex as Art & Elegance together. Two days out and we’re busy preparing decorations, seating, gathering the prizes and artwork, coordinating with the Country Inn, prepping the program and updating this website.  The thousand and One things that will make a fabulous event! And of course – what will we wear???

Have a last look at out Auction and Raffle artwork and prizes – and we have some surprises for you too!

We hope to have an update right after the event – and we expect to have some fun stuff that we’re putting together to share with you all. That’s all for now, have to nick off and help out with the preparations.

See you Saturday!

Images: Top–What it takes to keeping the… ideas… flowing. Center Left–putting together last items. Center Right–the Committee pulls together all the final details. Bottom–Our captive designer (that would be me) working on the Web Site and Program. Click any image to make biggy!.

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